Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Final Instalment: Ebola Outbreak - The Roller Coaster Ride

Okay so here is the final instalment of the roller coaster ride that has been my last couple of months.

So an Ebola outbreak hit the south east corner of Guinea. Despite all the international aid that was being provided it still wasn't contained at the time. People continued to die and it continued to spread. It spread to neighbouring countries and Senegal closed its border and international flight companies were cancelling their flights to Guinea. It was basically not the best news...

I honestly really didn’t want to leave but in the end Hope Medical Centre and Mercy Ships made the decision to evacuate me.

The problem was that for me to be evacuated I still needed to pass through the heart of the Ebola Zone. Anyways we prayed for no flat tyres and God delivered :)

If I am honest it really has been tough leaving half way through the teaching program.

That being said, I can see God’s wisdom and directing hand in evacuating me.

The impression I get from colleagues back in Guinea is that it is starting to get under control now which is great.

This whole roller coaster ride got Suzanne and I thinking about what our next step will be once we are married.

Suzanne and I really do feel called by God to come back to French speaking West Africa, but not until we have some time to get to know each other as husband and wife.  

We also want to equip ourselves with the tools to be more effective in French Speaking West Africa so we are going to an immersion school in France to learn French.  Soooooo excited.

And then the plan is to go back to Guinea to finish off the training program.

This map should make things clearer :)

And as for right now, Royal Brisbane has been awesome enough to let me come back to work before the wedding. It’s great to be getting paid to work (strange concept I know :) but I am enjoying it still the same).

So that is the update for now.

God is good 
and I am looking forward to the next awesome season He has in store for Suzanne and I.