Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ebola Outbreak - The Roller Coaster Ride (Part 2)

Okay so the update continues.... The Roller Coaster Ride (Part 2)

So the training program in Guinea was going really great. 

The trainees were great.

Left to Right: Me, Jairus, Dr. Alphons, Sebastien, Koi

Everything was great.

We had a bunch of cute clubfoot patients.

The trainees were learning well and it showed because all the clubfeet were being corrected. 

Proud Dr. Alphons after one of his first Tenotomies. 

All the little clubfoot patients were improving. I even got offered a baby jungle cat as a present from a grateful parent. I was told that it was like a Panther and all I needed to do was pull its teeth out and clip its claws when it grew up.

This was the grateful father :)

and this was the Jungle Cat

It was so encouraging to see the trainees correcting all these clubfeet.


Casting stage - removing the cast (bucket technique)

After Tenotomy 


It was quite busy with all the clubfeet that we were treating.

This video gives you an idea of a typical day.

Anyways it really started to feel like a home away from home.

BUT then we got news of the Ebola outbreak in South East Guinea.

Ebola is a very deadly virus that kills up to 90% of people affected and has no cure. 
So it was quite serious.

Anyways, to cut a long story very short I was evacuated out of N’zao back to Brisbane.

Ok so that's the second instalment.

When I get some more downtime I'll update you on the third instalment which covers my trip back to Conakry which was right through the heart of the Ebola outbreak. 

God is good...