Sunday, September 1, 2013

Step 3. Tour De France...

Step 3. Tour de France - The Final Charge...

Paris - The final stage of the Tour. 

My view. 

Alpe d'Heuz mountain stage.

Ok so step 3 of recharging the batteries after a long outreach in Guinea, included meeting up with some awesome friends from back home.

Richo and Sophie and Richo 



And what did this entail? Hitching a ride in their camper van and following the Tour de France.

Wolfie the caravan 

Now I've learnt a lot of lessons since being in Africa and many of these proved beneficial during Tour...

 Some of these included:

1). Shelter comes in many forms - including the floor of your friends camper van.

2). Finding water is essential.

Waterfall at Alpe d'Heuz

3). Hunting for some is a way of life.

Alpe d'Heuz - a classic catch by Richo during the 40 min advertising parade 
that gives out lots of free stuff.

4). Team work can help you accomplish great things.

Richard, Sophie and I at the Eiffel Tower. 

5). In the rainy season do whatever you can to stay dry.

Garbage bag rain coats. 

6). One step of survival is to do an inventory check.

Richo doing an inventory check of all the free stuff collected during the Tour.

7). Keeping fit and active is way of life (pay special attention to Richo here).

Stuttgart - when dropping off the camper van we stumbled across a "Healthy Living" kids festival... so we naturally joined in.

8). When entering new cultures, participation is essential...

Ok, so I was away from the ship for about 5 weeks and now after Spain, Israel and France I can definitely say that my batteries are well charged to tackle yet another outreach.

Congo here we come :)

God is Good :)