Sunday, January 20, 2013

Unofficial 2013 Mercy Ships Calendar

G'day everyone,
Some friends and I put together an unofficial 2013 Mercy Ships Calendar (mainly cause it is really hard to get into the real one). Anyways this will give you a little insight into what life is like off the ship. Enjoy.

The Front Cover - A Montage of a lot of awesome memories.

January - A recent long weekend to Dalaba. We eventually arrived three vehicles and 12hrs later. 
February - This was an extremely difficult photo to take. I just made it into the timer shot.

March - Some Men of Mercy Ships.

April - Some extreme hiking done by Josh Callow and our team.

May - One of our friends, Dr Lydia Marx recommends that touching is good for the development. We ran with her advice.

June - Some Mercy Girls.

July - Ruben accidently ripped the entire door off this van.

August - Hiking along the Dalaba trail.

September - A Birds eye view from the very edge of a very high waterfall.

October - When going on adventures, it's always a good to keep an eye out.

November - A bunch of great friends.

December - We are doing a documentary for the film festival on the Wilderbeast. Harmen is going to be the star. Stay in tune for the release of this documentary in about 2 months time.

So I hope you enjoyed having a little glimpse into what life is like here off the ship.
I hope you have an awesome 2013 and I am sure the 2014 Unofficial Mercy Ships Calendar will be just as good.

God is good 

Nick Veltjens