Sunday, May 2, 2010

Life outside of work hours

Just wanted to send through some pics of life here outside of work hours. We are pretty busy during the week so we try and get off the ship as much as possible to restore some of our sanity as it’s a small ship at times and it’s a good to get your feet on flat ground. So here are some of the highlights and lowlights thus far.


Putting together a Glee dance video for our mercy ships film festival (check it out here)
Lots of sport

Local transportation

Sweet sunsets everyday
Having a nice pool down the road to do flips in

Good friends

Having the president of Togo come to the ship

Lots of camping, fire, drums and dancing with local
Jumping off massive sand dunes

Winning best poser in a mercy ships dance off comp
Cramming 6+ people into one bunk to watch a movie

Camping with the locals and helping them prepare rat stew

Drum lessons

Sweet waterfalls

Long road trips and killing time

Awesome beaches

And now for some Low lights
Practice fire drills every second Thursday

2 minute showers
8 washing machines for 400 staff
Top bunk
Having an unreliable 30 year old van for transportation

Having to pole vault across a river

getting stuck in the middle of a tour de Togo cycling race

sleeping whenever you get the chance because there is always something going on

Hope you have enjoyed a little insight into life outside of our work day
God bless