Thursday, April 1, 2010

God is Good again….

hey let me tell you something pretty exciting,
so Mercy Ships have asked me to stay until the end of the outreach which
would be an extra two months. Which I would be super keen to do. The main obstacle is that I would need my work back in Brisbane to give me the all clear, which wasn’t very likely given the fact that they have already been so good to me with letting me have time
off… So I figured I should enquire and see if it was a possibility. So I was seeing if I could extend and the awesome thing was that they said yes of course….
I’m constantly astounded in God’s goodness....

Ok so there are so many amazing stories so far....
I am learning so much, I get to do so much with the doctors and surgeons,
help them take pins out - do post op reviews with the patient, do cast
changes, and heaps and heaps more cool stuff...

Oh and there are also lots of extra curricular activities, in fact
this weekend I have organised a doubles tennis tournament which should
be pretty fun (me and my partner are favourites so hopefully should
have a win)...

anyways God is Good