Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Long Weekend - Adventure Time...

Every once and a while we get a long weekend and when you live and work on a ship it is definitely worth taking advantage of the extra time off...

So what do you do on a long weekend?  
Grab a backpack and a mosquito net and some friends and go on an adventure!

Here is a funny video from the weekend :) 

Adventure Photographer: Credit for all these pics and photos must go to the talented Suzanne Scheumann 

Location: Somewhere near Kouilou river

Kouilou river is about an hour and a half north of Pointe Noire. 

Camping day 1:

Grocery shopping

Visiting the village next to the river

Don't mess with Jess...sugar cane can be a weapon...

Kouilou River

Looking out to where the river emptied into the sea:

Talking with people from the village just north of the river and telling them about the ship

Through the jungle to find a new campsite...

There was lots of driftwood and bamboo, so Nick and Ryan built a huge fire:

Breakfast on Sunday!

The kids came and waved at us on our way back through the village the next day:

So that was the long weekend, lots of fun...

God is Good all the the time, including long weekends :)