Friday, May 17, 2013

A Thank you letter :)

Hey Team,  

You know I was praying the other day and asked God to remind me of why I am here in Africa and then I heard about Fannie's  thank you letter.  If you want to check out his story check my blog entry back in 2011 on him.

He really was a little kid that stole my heart away. 

Here is the update from Fannie about two years after meeting the Mercy Ships team:

Twelve-year-old Fanie came to the Africa Mercy  in Sierra Leone in 2011.   His deformed legs prevented him from walking.

In spite of relentless mocking, he had a joyful spirit and a contagious smile that captivated the hearts of the Mercy Ships crew.  He maintained his joy throughout a series of complex surgeries and a long recovery time.

Recently, he sent the following thank-you letter to Mercy Ships:
Is me Fanie from Sierra Leone, Koinadugu  District, Kabala.
I will first say thank you for the wonderful things you and the entire term of Mercy Ships done to me. You operated on me sometime 2011 in the ship wherein I was unable to work with my feets. But presently I am attending my primary School in Kabala and I am in class 4. I usually thanks you everyday for the wonders you does. I will try to send the picture of me with my uniform. Presently, I am among human being. At first I was looking as an evil being.
May God bless you and your entire family at home.
Thank you,
With love, Fanie

Praise God for He is good.