Friday, November 23, 2012

Keeping up with God sometimes requires a plane...

The International Ponseti Conference – Iowa City

This year has been one awesome journey. Latest on the agenda was traveling to Iowa City to present at the International Clubfoot Conference.

It was such an honor.

I spoke about all the great work we have been doing in West Africa. Now I don’t actually have a photo up on stage and there is a funny reason as to why. One of my friends Erin kindly said she would take the photo (cause it’s not everyday you get to present on an international scale right?). Anyways she said she was that intrigued with the presentation that she forgot to take the photo... funny funny

Anyways she is the one on the left in a cheerleader pose.

All in all the conference was awesome. There were so many people passionate about eradicating Clubfoot across the world and it was great to meet so many of them.

There was also a Gala Ball – which was super fun... lots and lots of dancing :)

There was also a Clubfoot Photo Contest and my entry actually won... Praise God

The conference culminated with a freeeeezing fun run. Talk about a climate change – a week prior I was in warm sunny Guinea.

Unfortunately I was out of training and so I couldn't get my hands on the trophy.

However, it wasn't from a lack of trying...

There were simply too many quality runners...

Now I always love going to Iowa City and it's all because of the people there.

I got to stay with Seth and Karissa again, however this time they had a new addition to their family – Ollie (Lujia).

When traveling I always try to experience the fullness of the culture I am in – Iowa City was no exception.

The Mid-West is definitely an awesome place and I got to have a very unique experience while I was there.

I got to get in an old school plane.

I got to drive lots of different vehicles on the Fulton's farm.

I got to catch up with the Mitchell’s who make the Ponseti braces whom are an amazing family of God.

I also got to carve my first ever pumpkin for Halloween with the Risma’s, Pinkerman’s and Binger – so much fun.

I also got to have my first ever thanks giving dinner with Bill and Shelly. Thanks Bill and Shelly for always making me feel so welcome.

Jamming at Bill and Shelly's last time I was in Iowa City

Now I also try and have as much fun wherever I go and Erin and Danielle definitely helped here.

It’s always great to spend time with old friends in a foreign land :)

Ok so that was Iowa City,
It is great to be a part of what God is doing...

So what’s next?
Back to the big white ship in Guinea. Things will be in full swing with orthopaedics and our Ponseti Program – I can’t wait, as this is what I love being a part of...

As we say in Africa...

God is good,
All the time
And all the time,
God is good...