Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The doors continue to open...

Hey team,

Just wanted to give you the next update of my journey of getting to Africa...

Leg 2. Clubfoot training in Iowa City
The clubfoot training in Iowa City was awesome… It was jam packed with goodness…

I spent close to a month training at the Ponseti International Association (PIA).

Iowa City Highlights

Highlight 1. Having the great privilege of training with Dr Jose Morcuende (one of the world leaders in clubfoot management). 

Highlight 2. Working with Dr Olayinka, the PIA West African representative. He is a great man of God and has a vision to eradicate neglected Clubfoot.

I took an immediate liking to him.

Highlight 3. Meeting John Mitchell, who is a great man of God (by chance). He and his company are responsible for making the Ponseti clubfoot braces. He is an amazing man because he donates a massive 50% of his profit each year back to the Kingdom of God. His life's example definitely reminded me that when you give your life to God, He can do amazing things.

John asked me if I would share a little about what I am doing in Africa. Anyways I said a long time ago that if I ever have the chance to share what God is doing in my life I would jump at the chance.

Next thing you know I am in front of a video camera getting interviewed for their company and ministry, funny funny.

What's more the next night he invited me to speak at group he goes to.... Definitely a highlight…

Highlight 4. Being invited out to dinner every other night was definitely a highlight. It was such a blessing feeling so welcomed. One of the warmest welcoming dinners came from Rick Fulton who I met at the group I spoke at. Rick and his family were so hospitable and they definitely encouraged me to continue walking on this journey God has me on.

They are now great friends.

Highlight 5. Iowa is now one of my favorite places in the states and this is largely because of the people I met.

Seth and Karissa Pinkerman are two such people. They opened their home to me as a stranger and made me feel so welcome.

Seth and Karissa love God and each other so much. From an outsider looking in it was just great to see.
Highlight 6. I learnt a lot from them.
Seth taught me how to skateboard and how to not fall over when you are racing down a steep hill.

Highlight 7. Karissa gave me some singing tips (I am not sure how well they are working though). She also taught me that you can add lots of different things to popcorn, like cereal and M&M’s.

Highlight 8. It took both of them to teach me how to throw an American football.

The main thing they showed me was how God can bring two people together so perfectly matched.

Highlight 9. Justin and Kayla Risma are another amazing couple who are a shining example of how when you put God first in your life; He can do great things through you as a team.

Highlight 10. Justin and Kayla also taught me how to ski and wakeboard and have a lot of fun.

If I could give one piece of advice it would be to hold on with all your might and don’t let go. Profound I know.

Iowa City Low lights

Low light 1. The one and only low light was having to say goodbye to a home away from home…

What now?
Well I am just trying to keep up with God… life is awesome…
Stay in tune for the next update…

Leg 3.
More Training (in Texas with Mercy Ships)

God is Good.
Nick :)