Friday, January 1, 2010

Journey so far – about to board

So I just wanted to share something which I thought was pretty cool, now when I started writing I didn’t intend for this to be so long, but when God is good, He really is good…. Anyways I will understand if you need to take a couple of sittings to finish reading.

Ok anyways so I was reading my Bible the other day and came across something which made me think about how God has brought me to where I am at the moment… About 7 months ago I wrote in my Bible a dangerous prayer that went something like this…

“Lord perhaps maybe, just perhaps maybe you could make a way for me to go and volunteer in Africa… Lord I know that there are a lot of things that stand in the way but perhaps maybe you could just make a way…”

Now rewind a little and for the last 2 years I have had this unwavering and unshakable burning desire to go to Africa and work with mercy ships as a Physio. Now not knowing what to do with this I asked someone with a bigger and Godlier brain than me (Ps Tony from Brisbane) Anyways I remember he prayed a simple prayer with me – “that if this truly was God’s will then let the doors start opening up”

And what followed was nothing short of a personal miracle, one by one doors opened up. Big ones, small ones and ones that seemed to be dead bolted, they all started opening up.

Now the reason I am writing is that I really just wanted to just share how God has reached out and made away… over and over again… there is truly nothing that He can’t do…

Now I like bullet points because it makes things easy to read so I thought id bullet point all the things that He has done…

  • First of all I needed to actually get a position with mercy ships, which is harder than it sounds when there is only one Physiotherapist for the whole hospital – but sure enough God is good.

  • Secondly, I needed my work at Royal Brisbane Hospital to let me to go and still hold my position for when I get back. Now I figured I had no chance of this as I had only been back 4 months from having a year off travelling overseas - but again God is good.

  • Thirdly I wanted to volunteer for as long as I could, but I figured asking for 3 months would be pushing it. But my Physio director told me to put in a wish list and she would see what she could do… so 3 months managed to turn into 6 so that I could volunteer for longer and work back in England for a month or two so I could earn pounds to save more - so again God is good…

  • Everything started falling into place and now all I needed was to save like crazy as I had just also bought a new apartment and had a mortgage to take care of. So again I prayed to God for Him to make a way. Now I wasn’t expecting God to drop money from the sky (although this would’ve been nice), but what followed truly was amazing. One by one, opportunities came my way to earn and save more money. For the last three months I was in Brisbane, I pretty much worked every weekend I was there. Work gave me the opportunity to take a pregnancy exercise class after hours. So of course, as a completely faithful servant (out of his depth) I put on my tight lycra shirt and shorts and took the class for 5 weeks– I’m sure the Big Fella would have been having a chuckle.

I also got asked to take on the position of senior of outpatients while my boss was on holidays (at higher pay) - so again God is good. By this time I had work organised in England and I figured in light of my new senior role at the hospital I would ask my England job for a raise before even working a day and see what would happen… and the most amazing thing was that they actually did – so again God is good….

  • Everything was now looking fine from a financial point of view. I had now organised two of my friends to stay in my apartment while I was away, which obviously was going to help with the mortgage repayments. However I got convicted big time as I had just found out that I am not suppose to rent it out within a year of purchasing the property (stamp duty). Now I find it really hard to knowingly do the wrong thing so I just gave in and said ok God you know what’s best. So I decided to trust in God and not charge my friends any rent for the 6 months. Now what followed was truly remarkable.

When I told my friends what I was wanting to do it completely blew them away… that I was willing to let them stay free of charge for the 6 months. And the reason was because of my relationship with God and I also told them that it’s just a really easy way to show God’s love towards another.

And secondly it really forced me to trust in God. Completely submitting to His will, I was really looking forward to seeing what was going to happen – it was kind of funny, I wasn’t worried at all, I had this peace that everything was going to be ok even though my financial situation now wasn’t too great.

  • Now what came next was nothing short of a personal miracle and continues to blow me away… I was talking to one of my friends (someone who didn’t have a personal relationship with God) about my situation and he suggested trying to raise the money, which to be honest had never even crossed my mind. Dumb I know, but it never crossed my mind to let people know what I am doing and why I am doing it…. and see if they would be willing to help.

In just under two months I have managed to raise enough money to get me back on board (literally) – everyone’s generosity was just awesome
Girls from work were selling chocolates for me
I had donations from the most unlikeliest of people
I had donations from all over the world from people I hardly even knew
And the most amazing thing was that I got anonymous donations that totalled over $1000 (so I guess sometimes money does fall from the sky…)

The other amazing thing that happened in the process of raising the money was that it forced me to let every single person that I have ever known – what I am doing and why I am doing it….. that I am a Christian and because of my relationship with God I want to share His love to others and this is just one practical way of doing it….

So anyways I just felt compelled to share how good God has been towards me of late. When I look back in retrospect I see a personal, caring, providing God that can do absolutely anything… and He reminds us of this everyday… God truly is good…

The funny thing is that I have gained so much already and I haven’t even got on board yet…

Oh just on a side note, ill tell you something pretty cool and awesome also. I flew into Nottingham airport the other day on a public holiday. Turns out pretty much all public transport comes to a stop on public holidays in England and I found myself with no way of getting to Birmingham (over an hour and a half away).  So I just said a quick prayer to the Big Fella asking Him to help me out and I kid you not within 2 minutes the person I was sitting next to on the plane found me from across the airport terminal and offered me a lift to exactly where I needed to go… so good

Now don’t get me wrong things like this don’t happen to me all the time.. I think it was God’s way of reminding me that He is with us wherever we go…

May God bless you and may you see Him in the big and small of your day